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If you’re an individual, professional, company, investor or a public operator working on the fast-growing industry of games and interactive media in Luxembourg, then membership of GIDiMA is for you.

We offer three types of membership:

  • Corporate membership: for businesses, companies, publishers and operators who create and sell interactive entertainment in Luxembourg or abroad, or who provide services to the games industry.
  • Individual membership: for professionals involved in the gaming industry in general.
  • Student membership: for students and academic institutions looking to develop their training, career or course offerings in fields related to this industry.

Benefits of joining GIDiMA


GIDiMA will get you access to professionals working in the same sector with whom you can share knowledge and ideas to create new opportunities. We can help you connect to other games businesses, policy makers and leading players in other sectors.

Data and research

GIDiMA will monitor the sector and provide guidelines through research and direct consultations. We will draft recommendations on the latest games industry issues. We want to help our members to improve their business, launch new products and develop new services.

Sector-wide public representation

GIDiMA will help give you a voice at governmental level and will represent your interests in the public arenas: you will be part of one strong, unique community. GIDiMA will work toward building a better environment for its members’ businesses to thrive.

In the near future, GIDiMA will also develop services such as training and legal advice to their members.


In 2019 membership fees are for free.

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