The Games and Interactive Digital Media Association (GIDiMA) is a non-profit organization bringing together individuals, professionals, companies, legal practitioners and public bodies to develop the fast-growing industry of games and interactive media in Luxembourg.

Our aim is to help, support and promote our members’ activities and businesses in Luxembourg by creating and fostering a sustainable ecosystem around our industry.

We want to contribute to the development of the country’s tech and creative sectors and to make Luxembourg a great place to develop and publish games and interactive media.

GIDiMA thus proposes:

  • To build a bespoke ecosystem and federate the Luxembourgish game and interactive digital media community;
  • To support its members and provide a sector-oriented network that allows exchange of information as well as the emergence of innovative solutions and a solid community with a unique voice in public arenas;
  • To keep track of the status and trends of the industry landscape in Luxembourg;
  • To benchmark and adopt best practices;
  • To play a key role at national and, by extension, EU levels by providing structured feedback and proposing sector-specific solutions.

GIDiMA is open to anyone who holds these principles and values. We invite you to share your experience and insight and be part of a unified voice for the industry.

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