What is GIDiMA ?

The Games and Interactive Digital Media Association (GIDiMA) is a non-profit organization aiming to support the development of the fast-growing industry of games and interactive media in Luxembourg.

The community

GIDiMA brings together individuals, professionals, companies, law makers and practitioners and public bodies active in the industry of games and interactive media.

If you have an interest or are already working in this sector in Luxembourg, you’re most welcome to join GIDiMA! Apply for membership here.

How do we work

GIDiMA represents every aspect of the industry that can have a potential influence on its development in Luxembourg.

We believe that the best way to have impact is through engagement and participation of all members. That is why our working groups will give the floor to all members to debate and work on a wide array of key issues in order to find solutions and to propose actions beneficial to the whole sector.

Working groups will bring the necessary input to draft data-driven reports reflecting the evolution of the sector in the country as well as position papers on key topics to help improve and develop relevant regulations and policies. GIDiMA will also produce other sector specific resources such as guidelines and manuals to help its develop and foster their businesses and activities.